Every wall I see is a potential canvas. The possibilities are endless to me. Whether it's an imaginative mural that a child sees every morning they wake up, or a public artwork that inspires the community, I believe that art can be used in powerful ways.


    While classically trained, I learned to draw at an early age, filling entire notebooks and sketchpads with imaginative drawings. My interest for creating mural paintings was born from my travels to Italy and Brazil, where images from stunning frescos to captivating public street paintings were around every meandering footpath. My first mural was commissioned while studying fine art at Texas Tech University in 2009, and since then I knew that painting walls was what I wanted to do.


    When I moved to the DFW from West Texas 5 years ago, I had big dreams and no road map. I decided that moving to the metroplex was the right move. I saw the opportunity to leap into a bigger sandbox and really make an impact with my art, and so far that decision has been fruitful.


    Since then I've painted murals throughout the area, from kids' rooms and commercial lettering signs to full-scale custom artworks. I've also had fun creating live / body paintings for events. And along the way I've worked with many fellow creatives, builders, placemakers and homeowners who wish to fill the world with color.