Murals come in many different sizes and styles and depend on each client's needs. A mural can be graphic and stylized or realistic as life. Most of my work falls in between these extremes and ranges from $400 - $1500 on a single wall or more for high detail or size. Price of paint and materials are factored into the total cost, as well as a travel fee for sites that are more than 60 miles away.


    Budget-conscious clients can choose to have simpler elements pulled together to create a beautiful mural without covering the entire wall space. Some have chosen to have details left out or brushwork painted more loosely.


    For a quick price quote, email me a picture of the walls that are needing painted and any reference pics you may have and I can offer an idea of the price. I typically meet each client onsite to get a feel for the space and provide recommendations and ideas. After coming to an agreement I require a 50% deposit before starting the mural.



    When figuring the pricing of a mural, I use 3 key factors:



    How big is the space? How many square feet? Are there any windows or doors? Will any furnishings be covering the art?



    Are we talking cartoonish or high detail? Graphic or realistic? Is the mural covering the entire wall or just a section?



    Am I painting on the wall or some other surface? Do I need a lift or scaffolding? Is priming or prepping needed?


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